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10 Strategies for Eliminating Anxiety When Singing

Anxiety can really hurt a singer. If you have a lot of anxiety, you won’t have fun on stage, and you will have a hard time hitting the right notes. It’s important to understand that anxiety is something that has plagued several singers, and it can be overcome. You just need to incorporate a few strategies into your routine in order to finally get a handle on your anxiety. At that point, you will be able to blossom as a singer and reach all of your goals.

The Details

  1. Visualize yourself performing to a cheering crowd.When you picture the crowd cheering, you will actually start to feel more confident. You will finally understand that you can bring a crowd to its feet with your singing.
  2. Use good posture when you sing. When you have good posture, you will look like you are confident. That will actually help you feel more confident, so stand up straight whenever you sing.
  3. . By taking the focus off of yourself, you will be able to work on your voice and build up your confidence. This will be especially helpful if you find a group that provides its members with a lot of positive feedback.
  4. Focus on your breathing when you sing. If you feel nervous, focus on your diaphragm going up and down when you sing. This can actually calm you down and help you focus on your music.
  5. Do breathing exercises before you hit the stage. Spend some time taking deep breaths and letting them out slowly. You will feel your body calm down as you breathe in and out, and you will finally be ready to go out on stage and show everyone that you are a great singer.
  6. Sing songs you connect to so you can focus on the words and the music. When you feel a connection to the music, you will feel more confident in what you have to say. That confidence will come through in your singing, and you won’t feel nearly as anxious.
  7. Find a friendly face in the audience. Focus on that friendly face so you will feel more comfortable on stage.That comfort will turn into confidence, and before you know it, you will feel at home on the stage.
  8. Learn the proper singing technique. It will be hard to feel confident if you don’t know how to sing properly. By learning the proper technique, you will build up your confidence and feel more comfortable singing in front of others.
  9. Spend a lot of time practicing. Practice really does make perfect, and if you practice a lot, you will have a lot less anxiety. Anxiety is much more common in singers who are not prepared, so you can eliminate that problem with lots of practice.
  10. Do some karaoke. This might sound funny, but karaoke audiences are there to have fun, and they are easy to win over. That means that you can get a great reception if you go in and kill a song in front of a karaoke audience.

The Bottom Line

Don’t let anxiety keep you from following your dream. You can get rid of that anxiety and sing like a professional. Just follow these tips and you will be well on your way to reaching your dreams. You will be more confident, and you will start looking at performing as something that is fun and exciting instead of something that is scary. Then, you will really start to enjoy yourself when you are out on the stage. You will even have more fun when you’re practicing by yourself, since you won’t be bogged down by anxiety anymore.