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How to Shape Your Mouth When You Sing

You need to shape your mouth properly when you sing. The right shape will allow your notes to come out in tune. It will also allow you to properly formulate your words. With that in mind, be sure to implement these techniques when you sing. You may have to practice them for a while before you can perfect them, but once you do, you will see the benefits.

The Details

  • Leave space between your lips, especially when you’re singing vowels. When you sing vowels, you should be able to put two to three fingers inside of your mouth. If you can’t, your mouth isn’t open wide enough to sing the vowels properly, so you need to open it wider.
  • Drop your jaw when you sing “ahhh” sounds. Open your mouth and drop your jaw so the “ahh” will sound full and natural. You may have to practice this technique a bit, but once you master it, you will sound much better.
  • Shape your mouth like an “O” when you’re singing “ohhh” sounds. This will allow you to make the right sound. It will sound full and rich, which is exactly what you want when you sing.
  • If you are singing an “oooo” sound, you want to shape your mouth like a small “O.” When you do this, be sure to leave your throat open and keep your tongue lightly pressed to your front teeth. Otherwise, you will go off key.
  • Shape your mouth like an oval when making an “EEE” sound. The longest part of the oval should be vertical. Keep your throat open when you make this shape.
  • Open your mouth wide and stretch your throat when going after high notes. You should open your mouth like you are yawning. This will allow your vocal cords to vibrate in a way that will let you hit high notes.
  • Stick your lips out a bit to get a warmer sound. This will open your throat up some, which will actually improve your sound. It may take some practice to get your lips in the right position, and it will also take some time to get used to singing with your lips sticking out a bit.
  • Form a small circle shape with your mouth when you need to breathe. Act as though you are sucking the air in through a straw. That way, you will be able to breathe quickly so you won’t have to worry about missing a beat.
  • Use the smile technique carefully.Smiling and raising your soft palate can help you hit high notes, but it also causes singers to tense up. Tension can hurt your tone and projection, so be careful about when and how often you use this technique.
  • Keep your face relaxed when you sing. When you make different shapes with your mouth, you might want to tense up your face, but that would be a big mistake. That will actually make it harder for you to sing on pitch, so stay relaxed and hit those big notes.

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The Bottom Line

You need to have the right technique in order to sing well. Part of having the proper technique is shaping your mouth in the right way. Follow these tips so you can reach your notes over and over again, whether you are at practice or on the big stage, singing for your fans. You will notice a big difference with the way you sound. You will be able to hit more notes and stay on key for the entire song. That means you will be a much better singer and you’ll finally be ready to take your skills to the next level.