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How to Position Your Tongue When Singing

Your tongue plays a big role in how you sound when you sing. If your tongue is not properly positioned, you will have a bad tone. With that in mind, you need to follow several tips in order to sound the best when you sing. These tips are relatively simple, so you can easily use them when you practice and perform.

The Details

  • Learn how to relax your tongue. Keep your jaw still and say “ya, ya, ya,” paying attention to how your tongue feels during and after the words. That’s how you want your tongue to feel when you are singing, since it won’t block your airway as long as it is in that position.
  • Keep your tongue out of your throat. Push your tongue forward so it won’t block your airway. If it blocks your airway, you won’t get a good tone, and you will have a hard time projecting your voice out to the crowd.
  • Don’t twist your tongue. If you twist your tongue when you are singing, your airway can get blocked and your words can come out mangled. You can bend the tongue slightly, but do not twist it.
  • Rest the tip of your tongue against your bottom teeth. You will keep your tongue in this position the majority of the time when you are singing. This will keep your tongue out of the way so you will be able to sing with a clear voi
  • Move your tongue up to your top teeth when singing vowels.This will make it easier for you to articulate the vowels. When you do this, make sure your tongue doesn’t go back in your throat, since that will hurt the sound of your voice.
  • Use a spatula to open up your airway. If you aren’t getting enough air through to your vocal cords, use a spatula to practice keeping your tongue down when you sing. If you do this, make sure you don’t flatten the tongue too much, or it will stiffen.
  • Keep your tongue soft. If your tongue gets hard, you will have trouble singing. Keep it soft so you will have a clean, clear pitch.
  • Make sure your jaw is relaxed. If your jaw isn’t relaxed, your tongue will tense up and hurt your tone. Rub your jaw with your hands and practice relaxing it so you can get a great sound when you sing.
  • Articulate words with the tip and sides of your tongue. If you use the base of the tongue to articulate lyrics, the words will become muffled and you will lose some tone quality. This will take some practice, so you might want to start by using the tip and sides of your tongue when you are speaking, and then start using them when you are singing.
  • Sing some tongue twisters. This will help you get the proper position for your tongue. Go through several different tongue twisters until you are able to keep your tongue in position during each word.
  • Use your fingers to keep your tongue relaxed. Put your fingers under your chin Gwhen you sing so the area will stay relaxed. Of course, you can’t do this when you perform, but you can do it when you practice.

How to position your tongue when singing for the year 2018

The Bottom Line

Your tongue’s position is very important when you sing. Follow these tips so you will have a crisp, clean voice that is in tune. These tips will also help you regulate your airflow and articulate your words so people will be able to hear and understand you. Thus, they are essential for singers of all levels.