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How to Cool Down after Singing

The Snippet

Singers typically spend time doing warm-up exercises before they sing, but they forget to do cooldown exercises after they finish singing. You need to do some cooldown exercises so your vocal cords can relax and stay in good shape. If you fail to do cooldown exercises, you might end up with a vocal injury. With that in mind, be sure to use these tips after you finish singing.

The Details

  • You should spend five to ten minutes cooling down after you sing. If you don’t spend at least five minutes cooling down, your vocal cords won’t be able to fully recover. Then, you could end up with an injury that derails your singing career.
  • Start at your highest note, and make a “zzz” sound all the way down to your lowest note. Do this softly, but don’t use a breathy voice. You still want to sing like you normally would, just more softly.
  • Slide your voice up and down a five-note range, using vowel sounds. Make the vowels sound like a siren. Go through this several times, going a little bit higher and lower each time.
  • Do some humming. Humming loosens up your vocal cords, which is exactly what you need after you spend a lot of time singing. Do some simple humming exercises so your vocal cords will loosen up and relax.
  • Do descending scales. Make the “oo” sound softly as you do these scales. Do several scales so you can get the maximum benefits.
  • Do lip trills. Don’t go through your entire vocal range when you do lip trills. Just do them through about half of your range so you can help your vocal cords regain their flexibility.
  • Do yawning exercises. These exercises will stretch your throat so your vocal folds will get back to normal. Do these exercises ten to fifteen times.
  • Do stretching exercises. Most people don’t realize that they should stretch their entire bodies after they sing. You use a lot of different muscles when you sing, and you need to stretch them all out when you are done so you don’t end up with an injury.
  • Drink lots of water after you sing. Room-temperature water will lubricate your vocal cords and help them relax. Start drinking the water as soon as you are done with your cooldown exercises so your vocal cords can start to heal immediately.
  • Don’t speak too loudly after you finish singing. You need to give your vocal cords time to recover, so speak in a quiet voice. Do not whisper, though, since whispering can actually harm your voice.
  • Get lots of rest. You should always rest after you spend a lot of time singing. This is actually a part of the cooldown process, but you will do it in the evening instead of in the practice room or behind the stage.

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The Bottom Line

Your voice is your instrument. If you don’t take care of your instrument, it will let you down. It will crack and break and it won’t be able to form the notes that you need to perform. Because of that, you have to cool down after you sing, each and every time. It doesn’t matter if you are practicing or performing in front of an audience. The cooldown needs to be a part of your routine. That way, your voice will be able to recover after you reach those high notes. Then, it will be ready to sing the next time you hit the stage or go into the practice room.