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10 Tips for Using a Microphone When Singing

If you have never used a microphone for singing before, you need to learn some techniques before you perform in front of people. Following these tips will help you use the microphone the right way. Then, you won’t have to worry about the microphone distorting your voice and ruining your tone. That means you will be able to give the crowd a great performance. That will build up your confidence and help you have a lot of fun singing.

The Details

  • Point the microphone up in the air when you aren’t singing. This will prevent the microphone from interfering with the speakers. If it interferes with the speakers, the crowd will hear an awful noise, and it might put them in a bad mood for the rest of your performance.
  • Only touch your lips to the microphone if you are singing a low note. Otherwise, you need to keep it away from your mouth. Don’t put it too far away, though, or people won’t be able to hear you very well.
  • Hold the microphone at an angle. If you just hold the microphone so it points directly at your mouth, it might make a hissing sound. When you hold it at an angle, it will be able to amplify your voice without distorting it.
  • Put the microphone at chin level. This position will allow you to sound your best. It will also allow you to make eye contact with your audience, so you will able to connect with them as you sing.
  • Don’t sing too loud. You may not be able to hear yourself when you’re singing live. Trust that the microphone is projecting your voice out to the crowd, and use your muscle memory to sing the right notes at the right volume.
  • Adjust the stand so it’s at the right height. You should not have to lean up or lean down to reach the microphone. Bad posture will hurt your singing, so adjust the stand accordingly.
  • Avoid putting your hand on the head of the microphone. This will distort the sound. Even putting a finger on the head of the microphone can hurt your performance, so you have to be careful where you put your hands and fingers.
  • Hold the microphone properly. How you hold your microphone will depend on the type of microphone you get. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions so you hold it in a way that will allow you to project a clear, pure sound to your audience.
  • Learn to move the microphone when you move your head. A lot of people move their head and forget to bring their microphone with them. Learn to move them together so your voice will also go into the microphone and out to the audience when you sing.
  • Move the microphone in and out, depending on the note you are singing. If you’re singing a loud note, you need to move the microphone a little further from your mouth. If you’re singing a quiet note, bring the microphone in a little bit so it can pick the sound up and project it out to the audience.

The Bottom Line

Microphones are a necessary part of performing live, so you really need to take the time to learn how to use one properly. Follow these tips so you will be ready when you finally need to use a microphone. Then, your audience will be able to listen to your great voice during the show. That’s the best way to get them to come back for a second show, so this is very important.