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10 Tips for Properly Pronouncing Words When Singing

The Snippet

Singing isn’t the same as talking. You may speak well, but you still might have trouble pronouncing some words when you sing. That’s a common problem, and one that can be fixed with practice. You simply need to practice the right techniques and you will be able to master all of the words when you sing. Then you will have more confidence and people will be able to pay attention to the beauty of your voice instead of your strange pronunciations.

The Details

  • Start with tongue twisters. Speak some tongue twisters, and when you get the hang of them, start singing them. This will give you the opportunity to pay attention to how you pronounce words, which will help you determine which letters and words you need to work on so you can sound better.
  • Do not pronounce “Rs” when they come before consonant sounds. Replace the “R” sound with an “ah.” That will make it easier to sing the next sound, and it will also prevent you from having a nasally tone.
  • Stay relaxed when you sing. If you tense up, your words will get muffled, so people won’t be able to understand what you are singing. Stay relaxed so you can properly pronounce all of the words in the song.
  • Open your mouth in an oval shape when making “ah” sounds. That will allow the sound to come out the right way. Thus, you will be able to pronounce the entire word correctly.
  • Speak the songs before you sing them. This will get you used to the words in the song, which means it will be easier for you to pronounce them. As you speak them, be mindful of how they will sound when you sing them.
  • Don’t splat your vowels. This distorted sound often occurs when people reach for higher notes. You can avoid it by keeping your larynx in the proper position when you sing high notes.
  • Keep your tongue relaxed and on your front teeth. If your tongue goes back in your throat, you will have trouble enunciating, so your pronunciations will sound strange. Keep your tongue in place, and make sure it is relaxed so sounds can vibrate properly.
  • Sing entire phrases with one breath. If you have to stop between phrases to breathe, you will have trouble pronouncing some words. By singing an entire phrase, you won’t have to think as much about what you are singing, which means it will be easier to pronounce the words.
  • Breathe evenly when you sing. This will make it easier to pronounce words, since you won’t be gasping for breath or exhaling too strongly while singing. Your vocals will be smoother, your words will come out nicely, and you will be able to sing more notes with a single breath.
  • Practice songs that contain lots of different words.Challenge yourself when you practice your music. Try songs that contain lots of consonants and vowels so you will get used to pronouncing them.

The Bottom Line

You have to be able to pronounce words properly if you are going to have a nice singing voice. If you pronounce words incorrectly, it will take people out of the song. They will only be able to think about how you sounded funny when you put that “R” at the end of the word or when you tried to sing the word “Over” in a high pitch and splatted the vowel. Take your time to practice these techniques so you will be ready to perform with the best of them.