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10 Tips for Breathing When Singing

If you are going to sing well, you have to learn how to breathe properly. By learning how to breathe, you will be able to get a better tone and project your notes out to the crowd. Thus, it is essential that you incorporate the right tips and tricks into your breathing. Fortunately, there are ten simple tips you can follow that will help you breathe correctly when you sing. If you follow these tips, you will notice a marked difference in your breathing and in your singing.

The Details

  1. Only move your abdomen when you breathe. You can practice this by lying on the floor, with a book on top of your abdomen. If it the book doesn’t move up and down, find out what body part is moving, and then change your breathing so the air moves in and out through your stomach.
  2. Fill your belly with air. When you first start out, you can focus on keeping the air in your abdomen by filling your stomach with air, and then slowly letting that air out like a balloon. Use some visualization with this technique so you will learn how to move air in and out of your stomach.
  3. Use the “catch breath” technique. Stop your breath as soon as you end a note, and then you can inhale if needed. Don’t keep breathing once the note is over, or you will waste air.
  4. Practice inhaling quickly. You need to fill your lungs fast when you sing, so practice by filling up your lungs as if you were going to blow up an inner tube. Pay attention to how your body feels and acts when you fill it with air so you can mimic that feeling when you sing.

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  1. Practice exhaling slowly. Pretend that you are slowly blowing a feather through the air. Let out an even stream of air to keep the feather floating, and make sure that your abdomen goes down as you blow the air out.
  2. Practice exhaling slowly while you make sounds. Take a deep breath and then make an “S” sound while you exhale. Keep the volume at the same level so you can learn how to control your breathing while singing.
  3. Practice controlling your breathing with staccato notes. It’s one thing to control your breathing when you are making one long, continuous sound, but it’s another to do it while you are making short sounds. With that in mind, go through a series of staccato notes while you control your breathing.
  4. Breathe on a specific beat while singing. Inhale and use that air for three beats while you sing. Then, once you get good with that, inhale and use it for four beats while you sing.
  5. Don’t use too much air when singing. It doesn’t take a lot of air to sing. If you use too much air, you will spend more time breathing than you will singing, so practice singing without using much air.
  6. Work on your stage fright. Nerves can actually give you breathing problems. You can run out of air faster, so you won’t be able to maintain your airflow from one note to the next if you have stage fright.

The Bottom Line

If you use these techniques, you will breathe better when you sing. That will help you become a better singer. Then you will be able to master the notes and wow your friends and family with your great singing voice. You will also be able to work on improving your range and skill level so you can continue to get better and better.